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Welcome to my new tutorial site!

This is a new site for my tutorials so be sure to bookmark it.

Tutorials have been written over several years of time. Artists and tube stores have moved around quite a bit, so some of the locations on the older tutorials may not have the correct place to purchase the tube. To find the tube you can use the artist link and locate where they are currently selling their tubes. If by chance the artist is no longer selling their tubes, I am sure you can find something similar to use with all of the fabulous artists that are out there.

Supplies for the tutorials are now downloadable from my website. This will save you time and keep you from having to log into another site to get them.

Tutorials are separated below into categories.

Categories open in a new window, so please allow for pop ups OR right click and open in a new window.

There are several tutorials that are totally FTU on this site. There are also several tutorials that your supplies are free, but you will need to purchase the tube that I used if you desire. There are also several tutorials that I use my PTU kits along with posers that have been included in the kits. The remaining tutorials use PTU kits and tubes that will need to be purchased if you want your results to look exactly like the tutorial.

My PTU kits are available for the low price of $2.00 in my store. They are included in SALES so the cost a lot of the time is less than $2.00. The money charged for the PTU kits helps me to keep this tutorial site open by paying for the website and bandwidth.

Before proceeding, please take a second and read my TOU.

Terms Of Use

You will need a working knowledge of PaintShop Pro and Animation shop to complete my tutorials. Basic concepts are not covered in the tutorials.

All of the tags that I have put into tutorial form were created by me. I have used versions 7 or 9 of PaintShop Pro plus outside filters that you may need in creating these tags.

These are my original concepts and designs and are my copyright property. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not post my tutorials on another site, rewrite and claim them as your own, or pass around through email groups. Please share my link and not the actual tutorial with your groups. Please remember that direct linking is bandwith theft. Please do not direct link to my graphic samples when posting an example of this tutorial for your group. Save the examples to your harddrive and post them to an email from there.

My tutorials may not be translated to another language and put on your site. A translator is provided on each tutorial page so there is no need for this.

Your finished work cannot be used for monetary gain. This means no using my tutorials to make tags and then selling the tags to any company for profit, in trade for their products or free service, or other type of personal gain.

Please do NOT use my tutorials to make a tag that your are giving away to a group of people. You can use the concept of the tutorial, but making an exact replica of my tag to give away is forbidden. Please change things up and make it your own.

When using this tutorial to make web sets, blog layouts, stationary, must give me credit for the original graphic idea and provide a link to my site.

Only free to use items will be given to you on this site. I will supply fonts IF they are a free font and graphic elements that are FTU or made by me. You will need to download the supplies zip files for the tutorial in order to receive these. PTU tube images will not be provided. You will need to obtain these yourself by either purchasing them from a "Pay to Use" company or artist. Other supplies that you may need will include a PaintShop Program, Animation Shop, and various plugins and filters that are not provide by me.

Supplies provided to you for these tutorials are not to be given away by you to any friends, groups, etc...nor are they to be used in tutorials that you may write as your supplies. They are for your personal use only, please.

By proceeding to the tutorials you are hereby agreeing to my Terms of Use.

Thank you! Feel free to send me comments about the tuts.


Use this coupon code TUT-PROMO1 when purchasing a tagger size kit for your tutorials and save $1.00 on a second kit. This coupon is unlimited, so you can use it each time you purchase a tagger size kit for your tutorials. Offer expires 12-31-2017.

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